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Transfer Management

The management of player transfers is often a highly complex matter. Many parameters have to fit together for a transfer to take place. A club must have not only a demand but also a need for a certain position, a corresponding player with a specific profile must be available on the market, economic indicators such as transfer fee and salary expectations must correspond, contact persons must be known and contracts must be negotiated and drawn up.

As an agency, we keep all these factors in mind, regularly exchange ideas with the decision makers in international football and know what is important.


Player Transfers, from one club to another, are embedded in multi-level legal relationships. n addition to the player’s employment contract (termination agreement on the one hand and conclusion of a new employment contract on the other), a contract must be concluded directly between the involved clubs, in which the individually agreed transfer modalities are regulated – the so-called transfer contract.


We are at the disposal of clubs who wish to sign or transfer a certain player. We offer our broad portfolio of services in the field of transfer management, in particular the initiation and the processing of a player transfers. Furthermore we assist clubs in club-to-club negotiations and conduct them for the club as our client.

Our in-depth knowledge of the market, our extensive international network and our multilingual staff represent an important value for every club.

Services for Clubs

  • Transfer Management
  • Transfer Management from Club to Club (Transfer Contracts)
  • Scouting and Headhunting
  • Placement of players on the market
  • International relations management
  • Legal Management
  • Specific know-how and knowledge in Europe and Brazil