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Marketing | Consulting | Investment

macospo creates opportunities to make sport and sports marketing an excellent part of any communication mix. We provide consulting, conceptual and implementation support to companies and agencies, who want to expand their corporate communication on the platform of sport.


Depending on whether increased brand awareness, B2B contacts or a specific image transfer is the aim of the respective marketing strategy, we design and negotiate individual plans and components for you. In doing so, we develop measures for all budgets – entirely in accordance with your wishes.

Through sound market knowledge and our own creativity, we develop customized solutions for our customers and position their interests in the best possible way.

  • Analysis of market and interests
  • Selection, evaluation and placement of projects
  • Conception and realization of marketing measures
  • Definition of communication objectives and strategies
  • Creation of marketing / sponsorship guidelines
  • Conception and realization of sponsorships
  • Project Management, activation and monitoring
  • Management and Optimization of budgets
  • Legal Management; control of rights
  • Recommendation of Celebrities


Globally, we offer specific consultancy for the sports industry. What opportunities do I have in sport? or How do I achieve my goals? are questions that are not only asked by athletes, but also by clubs, associations, investors and companies, which are active in sports.


As consultants, we draw on our extensive know-how in organizing major international sporting events, strategic expertise and entrepreneurial thinking. We develop and optimize strategies and structures. We also assist you in the implementation and realization of the measures developed.

  • Strategic Consulting
  • Structural and organizational consulting
  • Organization and realization of (sporting) events
  • National / international partnerships
  • Implementation
  • Legal Management


Sport, especially professional football, is a very interesting asset class with growing importance. Investments in football clubs, in particular, are an interesting alternative to conventional investments. For example, the acquisition of a professional club opens up opportunities in an interesting and exciting market with large potential return


The basic legal requirements vary in many countries. While (international) investors still hold back with a sceptical view on the so-called 50+1 rule in the Bundesliga, in other countries private or institutional investments in clubs are widespread.

With a good project, the conscientious selection and acquisition of a club as an object of investment and a professional strategic plan, sporting success can be realized, ongoing returns can be achieved and a profitable exit can be made.

  • General football investment advice
  • Project development and management
  • Selection and acquisition of suitable clubs
  • Implementation and realization of measures
  • Continuous monitoring