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Players Management

We are a player-focused agency. We use our years of experience and our vast know-how in national and international football, for you – both as an athlete and as person!

It’s your career – make the best of it!

We support you and design a strategy, so that you develop in the best possible way. Both as an athlete and as a personality. With our comprehensive service, we create and optimize the fundament and environment for you to make the most of yourself. It doesn't matter what level you are already at, but with the right mindset and the right management, you can always improve.</p>
<p>With our range of management, coaching and networking services, we are always available, so you can focus on the essentials!


What you need

For a successful career, you need a combination of a few characteristics:

Fun and passion for football,
mentality and dedication,
discipline and drive,
football skills and talent!

For sure you also need some fortune – but a lot of things we can develop and elaborate.

What we do for you

With our holistic approach, we help you to awaken, develop and expand your existing skills, so that you can use them in the best possible way. We want to help you getting the best out of yourself at sporting level, signing the best possible contracts and also to be in a good position after your career.

To make the most out of your skills, you need a serious and performance-enhancing environment, a realistic career plan, football specific know-how, honest feedback, professional networks, management skills and a reliable back office.

We make all these services available to you. his way we accompany you and will stand by you, as a person and as a professional.


We understand coaching as a personal exchange with you on a regular basis. With structured discussions about current sport developments, about your personal performance and that of your team, we want to create an excellent performance environment with you and for you, so that you can perform at the highest possible level. In doing so, we will work out options for actions for you, both on and off the field.

Aside from the important sporting aspects, above all we care about you as a person. our physical performance is closely related to your mental condition – and vice versa. If your mind is clear, you train and play better. If you are really well trained and fully fit, you will have the speed of action needed in decisive situations.

We are friendly and professional contact partner and support you with know-how, empathy, constructive criticism and recognition.


  • Specific career planning
  • Identification of suitable clubs
  • Intermediation of employment contracts
  • Optimization of your performance environment
  • Contract negotiations and transfer management
  • Comprehensive and permanent career monitoring
  • Personality development, social and media skills
  • Individual marketing, sponsorships
  • Back office (insurance, legal advice, tax advice, financial planning, etc.)


Player Management is a very comprehensive task that requires versatile skills – sports, economic and legal. With our experience, our know-how and our international network, we are at your disposal in all areas for a successful career. We want you to achieve your sporting goals and make the right decisions for now and for the future.

Sport Directors
Sport Coaches
Sports Doctors
Sport Psychologists
Sport Insurers
Tax Consultants


We have an extensive national and international network in football and professional sport, which we are happy to use for you. Our network includes sports professionals as well as other leading specialists.

be a player ! be a personality ! be yourself !
be a player ! be a personality ! be yourself !
be a player ! be a personality ! be yourself !
be a player ! be a personality ! be yourself !
be a player ! be a personality ! be yourself !
be a player ! be a personality ! be yourself !
be a player ! be a personality ! be yourself !
be a player ! be a personality ! be yourself !
be a player ! be a personality ! be yourself !
be a player ! be a personality ! be yourself !